Choosing the best CBD oil for your dog


More pet owners are flocking to buy CBD oil for dogs in Canada. But the problem is that the CBD is not yet regulated. It means that most of the products might be overpriced, causing the pet owners to be ripped off. If you want to ensure that your pet can benefit from the CBD oils, you must know how to get the best CBD oil for your dog.

Look out for a broad or full-spectrum hemp

CBD is naturally found in both hemp and cannabis plants. Both deliver significant health benefits but with differences. Cannabis marijuana has a high amount of THC. THC is what is responsible for cannabis’ psychoactive activities. It is what makes marijuana to give the user a high feeling. 

With the hemp, there is much lower THC. For it to be sold legally, the hemp needs to contain less than 0.3% of THC. And thus, as your dog benefits from the calm and reduction of the anxiety which is provided by the CBD, there is no fear of it getting high.  

Your dog will still be able to get the pain-relieving and the immune support benefits form the hemp CBD. But you have to remember that not hemp products are made the same.  You will need to check out your CBD product label to ensure that it is a broad or full spectrum.

It means that, apart from the CBD in the oil, other cannabinoids are essential in the full spectrum hemp that includes CBG and CBC. The CBC is believed to have cancer-fighting activities, block inflammation and pain, and affect the very positive brain cells. 

For CBG, it is believed to have some medicinal use. It is claimed to decrease inflammation inside the digestive tract, protect the eyes and nerve cells, support a healthy bladder’s function, and fight cancerous cells.

You will also find terpenes like the alpha-pinene, limonene, and the beta-pinene in the full spectrum CBD. They occur naturally with medicinal value in hemp. The combined mixture of cannabinoids and the benefits of terpenes will benefit your dog with the entourage effect. 

It means that they work together for your dog to benefit through a boost in medicinal actions in the hemp oil.  If the oil was produced using the CO2 method, then the terpenes in the process will be pulverized, and it will be hard to detect them during testing, and the will not show up on the analysis certificate. 

But they will still be present and will help the CBD oil to give more medicinal effects. In case the CBD was extracted using solvents, then the terpenes will be preserved, and they will be noted in the certificate of analysis, but it is not recommended. 

Ensure that the CBD of your dog is extracted safely

The CBD oil you are to use on your dog should be extracted from the hemp plant, and thus, your dog gets maximum benefits for its health. Get the label that reads hemp oil, and it should include the amount of CBD inside the bottle.


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