First off, what is a pdf file? The acronym/file extension called PDF stands for portable document file. It typically means a file that contains “snapshots” of a document as assurance that the file or document is remains, for the most part, unchanged when it is being transferred.

PDF converters are tools that are used to convert PDF files. Pdf files can be converted into many other types of files, including but not limited to JPGs, PNGs, html files, word document files and text document files.  Depending on the device being used, one can get pdf converter applications or just convert the pdf files online with the use of a pdf converter online tool.

There are many reasons one can have for converting a pdf file. These include

  • For easy modification and editing of the PDF document (it can be converted back into pdf format after the first conversion). This is the reason most people convert their files.
  • In a case where a pdf reader is not available to access the file or document, converting it to a text document or word document would be the best choice for viewing
  • File flexibility and ease of access. Generating pdfs of important documents at work in other formats would eventually come in handy sometime. One might want to give a PowerPoint presentation and need to convert the pdfs into JPGs that can be easily exported onto a PowerPoint file


Using a pdf converter

There are two types of converters used to convert to PDF

  • Online converters
  • Application tools

Online converters

Online converters are basically online sites that help convert pdfs. These kinds of converters are accessed using a browser, and they usually required the person making use of the converter to upload the file onto the internet. An example of such sites is Converting the pdf is an easy step-by-step process that goes thus

  • Open up the browser and type in the site on the search bar to go to the site
  • When the site is up, upload the pdf on the bar or space provided for it
  • There would be an action button which, when clicked, starts the process of conversion

Note that some online converters require payment before conversion. In that case, all one needs to do is to sign up with the site and pay using credit card or other methods of payment before one uploads the file


Application tools

Files can also be converted by downloading free converter apps, or by buying them. This method does not usually required the use of an internet connection, as most of these tools are offline apps. Most applications for androids and other smartphones are convert pdf to word applications. However, it is advisable to buy a converter app for personal computer if one is placing priority on quality of work.

The process of conversion using pdf converter apps is similar to using online converters, except for the usage of internet. All it takes is to upload the file for conversion to the application and hit the action button. The converter has to be a converter specifically labelled for conversion of pdf to the specific type of file one wants to convert to