Jason Freskos Lists 7 Ways to Help You Relax

Stress is unavoidable. Between work, family, and social obligations, there are plenty of pressures weighing you down throughout your day. Fortunately, Jason Freskos can help lighten the burden.

He knows better than most the importance of relaxing after a stressful day. In addition to being the founder and CEO of a mortgage firm, Jason Freskos also teaches yoga at a retreat center, organizes an organic garden for his community, and started Sacred Source Botanticals to create high-quality immune boosters.

Juggling these many responsibilities, the entrepreneur shares seven ways to relax after a long day.


Taking a breather from stress is as simple as it sounds. Controlled breathing is one of the easiest relaxation techniques, allowing you to calm your mind. To achieve mindful meditation, find a quiet place and take slow, deliberate breaths before exhaling. Repeat several more times as you feel your stomach rise and fall. Enhance the experience by using essential oils or other aromatherapy. Lavender and citrus scents decrease anxiety and improve your mood.


Stress isn’t just mental. Releasing physical tension in your body can aid your mind as well. Yoga is perhaps the most restorative. Jason Freskos has witnessed these benefits first hand as both an instructor and practioner. He also encourages others to try progressive muscle relaxation. This involves tightening and relaxing each muscle group to reduce tension.


Have a snack. While also hitting the sweet spot, dark chocolate boosts brain health and minimizes stress. Mangos are another ideal selection. This fruit shares a similar ingredient to lavender. If you’re especially frustrated or prone to clenching your jaw, grab some chewing gum.


While many like to kick back with wine or a cocktail after a rough day, try pouring some tea instead. An herbal tonic contains chemicals proven to curb the body’s responses to stress. Jason Freskos and his company offer a reishi mushroom powder. This medicinal blend promotes increased clarity and healthier sleep patterns.


Rinse the day’s problems away with a warm shower or bath. Take this opportunity for some much-needed alone time too. Add candles or a bath bomb to your soaking to really get a little closer to calm.


Express yourself. Getting your feelings off your chest will help you relax. Use a notebook or a notes app to jot down your thoughts. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. Just release your stresses by getting them down onto the paper.


As the old adage states, “laughter is the best medicine.” Whether its scrolling through your favorites on social media or watching clips on YouTube, cue up some videos that give you a chuckle. Or, better yet, pick up the phone and give a friend a call. This provides a chance to vent while also sharing some laughs.

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