What happens to your body when you start doing yoga

We all have a vague idea of the benefits that yoga offers us. We all are also familiar with how yoga helps you to create a balance between mind and body. However, most of us fail to understand how yoga benefits us physiologically in terms of what exact changes do we observe when you start doing yoga. Most people tend to leave the practice of yoga, because it takes time for the results to show up, and sometimes even if they do, they are very minute and we often think it’s not worth the trouble. Hence it becomes very difficult to remain consistent and put in the hard work when you don’t see the effect yourself. Here are a few instant changes that you will observe when you start doing yoga, to help you understand your body better.

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New sensations –  When you start your yoga journey the first thing that you will feel is a variety of sensations in various parts of your body. The various muscles of the body begin to open up and the stressed ones begin to calm down. This will make you feel relaxed and a rush of various hormones in your body. Your overall vibe begins to change and you begin to sleep better and feel changes in your skin as well. After a month you will have better control over breathing and the overall posture of your body also improves.

Improved immunity – This may not be a physical change technically but due to increased immunity your body functions tend to improve drastically. Especially during this covid phase, everyone is trying to boost their immune system in some way or the other. So instead of  popping pills you can always opt for yoga. Adding a regular yoga practice or even starting with beginners yoga, the stretching and meditation improves your nervous system which in turn improves your immune system.

Strength –  We are familiar with the fact that yoga helps in weight loss. But there is more to weight loss which is gaining strength simultaneously. You tend to become stronger and physically fit, along with the toning of your arms, legs etc. It gives you strength by toning your muscles and making them stronger. All this becomes possible, because certain yoga poses require strength, coordination and power.

Active – One of the other important physical benefits that you will feel is that you no longer feel lethargy or the need to procrastinate. Due to various releases of hormones and relaxation of stretched  muscles your body starts to feel thereby making you feel more active and fresh.Also the poses will make you feel more flexible as well as relaxed at the same time.

So, why wait? Go and join free beginner yoga and you can yourself witness these changes in your body. Along with these, you will also achieve a better posture and body balance with the help of yoga asanas.

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